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Seven Days Poster

Two people, previously strangers, spending the last seven days of their lives locked alone in a diner. Conflict arises between Quinn, a queer college student intent on making their last week meaningful, and Eleanor, a mysterious traveler who finds  joy in lying. The two butt heads over whether or not to bring a dead cat into the diner with them but their disparity boils down to the question: when the world is about to end, does every moment matter or does nothing matter at all? 


(Or and assortment of lies)

Created and Performed by Xhloe Rice and Natasha Roland

"Seven Days to the End of the World" was first presented at Dixon Place on January 23rd, 2020. That's right. Pre-pandemic.

Written by Chloe Rice 

 Directed by Natasha Roland

Dramaturgy/ Production Assistant- Vivian Brown

Sound Board Op/ Production Assistant- Al Rosenberg

Lighting Design- Max Stroeher

Technical Assistant- Angelo Sagnelli

Seven Days Photo by Angelica Richardson

For full show recording, contact us at 

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